Lawn Care


Caring for your lawn is often a more complete task than people think. The most important part of proper lawn care is mowing. PRO Lawn and Landscape’s team of mowers ensures your lawn always looks spectacular, with picturesque lines throughout your lawn and a cut that doesn’t suffocate your grass with dead grass. We will regularly mow your lawn to have it looking consistently like the best lawn on the block. Proper lawn care can raise the value of your and your neighbors’ homes and maintain a great appearance. Contact us today to find out more about our lawn maintenance programs.

Hedging, Weed Removal, and More

Mowing isn’t the only thing that goes into crafting a great lawn. PRO Lawn and Landscape makes sure your lawn always looks great by cutting a fine edge to your lawn and removing any weeds that are trying to kill your lawn. Overfeeding or over-fertilization can be just as deadly to your lawn. Our team ensures that your lawn is properly fed and mulched so it remains looking great all year long. We make sure your lawn looks great so you don’t have to.

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